Personalized Services
for your App Preview Videos

Music, Video, Voice-Overs, App Store Content Creation

30 seconds to push your app sales

An app preview should demonstrate the features, functionality, and greatness of your app in the form of a short 30 second video that users can watch on your App Store page. The app preview is the first thing your customer gets in touch with along with your app screenshots. It is the easiest and most impressive way to show the experience of using your app. You can use cool and fun music along with a voice over to make your app video really outstanding – and push your app sales.

Personalized services for your App Preview Videos

What can we do for you?

Voice-Over recordings
Music for App Preview Videos (stock & individual compositions)
Marketing text creation for the Apple App Store
App Preview Video optimization

Make your App Preview Video outstanding

Voice-Over recordings

You want to make your App Preview Video more outstanding? We produce a voice-over for your App Preview Video that explains the benefits of buying your app. You get professional quality from an English native speaker using high-end tube equipment.

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Music for your App Preview Videos

We offer several fun and cool music tracks specifically composed to work and sound great in App Preview Videos. The music you get here is available exclusively through us. If you need something even more special and unique, we also compose music exclusive for your app video.

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Examples: Voice-Overs and App Music

Marketing text creation for the App Store

We can help you in creating or fine-tuning your marketing message for your App Store text. The words are not flowing or you have a writing block? After a personal briefing and/or showing us your app, we create an App Store text that focuses on the benefits of using and buying your app.

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App Preview Video optimization

You already have an App-Video created but you want it optimized or synchronized to the music you have or bought through us? We can help you make it outstanding and be in compliance with Apple’s App Preview Guidelines.

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One place for all your App Preview Video needs

You don’t have to go to different places!

1. We produce your voice-over
2. We make suggestions for the marketing text spoken in the video (if you haven’t provided one)
3. We have fun and cool stock music for App Preview Videos, or we create individual music for you
4. We write or optimize your App description in the Apple App Store
5. We optimize your App Preview Video

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